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Danse de marché - DanseToGo

There is currently no program scheduled for this show yet.

Danse de marché is a series of choreographic surprises inspired by the world of market gardening and cooking. It is a playful piece that revisits the stages of food production and consumption. This modular show has been touring Quebec's public markets and culinary events since 2013 to offer a dance experience that is both humorous and sensitive. This time, the performers invite you to seize the moment by letting yourself be carried away by the poetry of their movements and the enticing smells emanating from the terrasses of downtown Montreal.

Danse To Go

Founded in 2013, Danse To Go is a contemporary dance collective whose goal is to democratize dance by performing in non-conventional settings that encourage proximity with the audience. This playful and poetic collective is inspired by its environment, of which you are a part.

In an approach inspired by the slow art movement, the process of creation takes the time it needs, with our shows evolving for a long time within the collective. That is why, after almost 10 years in existence, we are only just bringing our second creation into the world: Corpocalyptic. We work toward the sustainability of art.